Smallest Coffins are the Heaviest
When he wakes up in the morning, he came to his mother and asked, “Mama, what will happen if I went to school and never came back?” His mother couldn’t control her tears and hug his 14 years old child and said,” My love, I pray to Allah Almighty that that day should not come.” After hearing this the love between Tanveer and his mother was unbearable for me.

He took his breakfast and was ready for school. It was 16 th of December 2014. The school bus was ready to step inside the Heaven. Tanveer’s mother was very desperate to see his loved one at lunch time. She prepared his favorite dish with dessert.
It was 10:30 AM, when terrorist jumped from the fence and step inside the school. They were shooting blindly. Student, worker, teacher or any person who came in front of them was directly kisses the Threshold of Heaven. Tanveer along his friends were attending the Annual Competition in the Auditorium of school. When they were finished all the staff from outside. They came in the auditorium. Some brave and strong Male and Female teachers tried there best to save the children from the deadly terrorist.

The point to be noticed is that they were calling every single teacher and student who belongs from Army. My father also 30 years of his life in army. We know how clever the terrorists are. They killed one by one and the remaining were shot dead. Tanveer’s father was also in Army. We both studied together in Grade 5 to Grade 7. Now it was his turn to jump into heaven, leaving his lovely and kind parents in the world. He was massacred. One of his friend was found a safehouse and remain there for a while.

But His life was completed. He was killed by the grenades.Now 100+ students were massacred, the security forces were ready to start the operation. No police,
no army was appointed to lead this operation. At that crucial time, Captain Abid Zaman, Assault Team Commander of Army Public School along with his team stepped in the school. You can’t imagine, in only 7-8 minutes the terrorists reached their destiny and killed cruelly by the SSG commandoes. When Capt. Abid stepped inside the auditorium, the corpses of children were present and blood was shed like river.
That strong, powerful and herculean man never sit down on his knees during his whole service due to his achievements. But unfortunately, and unwarrantedly he sat down and cried like a baby. More than 140 children’s blood was shed and they went to heaven rather their homes. Tanveer’s mother was waiting for him to present his favorite dish. The dish still presents in the tablecloth but Tanveer was absent. He was enjoying the unending fruit in heaven. His mother is waiting for his safe return but she doesn’t know what happened and where he is now. She is in long mournful complaint.

It’s true that, “Smallest Coffins are the Heaviest.”

Rtr. Habib Sultan
Rotaract Club of UAF, RID 3272
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  1. The very name of APS attack made me sad. And after reading this story I had tears in my eyes.God Bless them all.

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