Red Under My Skin
Phrase red under my skin sounds like someone is talking about Blood only that flowing under one’s skin but can we ever take time to think that what does it holds? Like what does blood holds the imperative values in it? Why does Lord has given us blood only to flow in our veins? It’s understood that it flows and holds scientific reasons but what about the aesthetics?

Outside our bodies, when iron is exposed to oxygen it rust and does not easily unrest. But in the body to work as an oxygen Iron needs to go through and unrest on dividing by picking up the oxygen in our body. That is how blood is this blood is important.

It is the blood who actually holds our emotions, sentiments, our aesthetics values. It holds our connection with one other. The sentiments are connected to being in a family as a family is running under my skin. It gives life to us, it gives breathing to us, it helps us to live happily, to live long to store our heredity. It holds the emotional values with our motherland.
The Flowing liquid under our skin which is of red color speaks its fascinating behavior, it marks the difference in our souls and body’s purity and impurity. It marks significance in the field of war too as a symbol of life or death, in fact in the history, it signifies the quality of pain one can feel.

So we should feel and understand the value of ideology of blood. It should not be set alone. When it is red it shows your sincerity with your own self and with your loved ones. It is actually associated with the belief, it connects us with parents and children relation, to be related by the relation of birth, the ancestry and descendant too. So the Blood which flows under our skin is not a kind of liquid only but one’s life, history and identity.
Author: Rtr.Omama Iqbal
Rac Karachi Strivers
RID – 3271
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