Outrageous Mother Earth
It is a fact that we human have destroyed the beauty of Earth by our behavior that is the reason that mother earth is outrageous to us. 

The behavior and adaptation we occupied is actually disastrous. It is Us that we have contaminated the earth, the water, the air, in fact, the souls. Either it is human life, Wildlife, marine life or what so ever thing, we are the one who malfunctioned every functioned life and endangered other species.

It is the reason that climate is changing, earthquakes hitting us badly, negative vibes are reaching us, depression and anxiety killing us, the ozone layer is rupturing, viruses and bacteria are having lunch and dinners with us by infecting surrounding and humans badly.

Either it is from Civil war or Bio-genetic war, mother Earth was always got injured and hurt and it appears in the form of volcano’s who are emerging from the heart of mother earth bringing out so many sentiments, emotions and doing catharsis of its outbreak. 

The outrageous mother earth is trying to speak that it is now getting angry and frustrated by the overpopulation issue of the worldly human and their carelessness. As humans are cutting forest rapidly and snatching the shelter from animals.This deforestation for big buildings are changing the momentum or decorum of mother earths breathe. 

The chemical and toxins of factories are saturating the soil and water. Nuclear war radiation are getting dangerous to all the species. That is the reason the mother earth is hurt and Reverting back to fight in the form of a deadly virus called *Corona* 

Outrageous Mother Earth

Author: Rtr.Omama Iqbal
RAC Karachi Strivers
RID 3271 Pakistan

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