Maximum countries are facing the pandemic. They all wanted to get rid of Covid-19. This deadly virus is engulfing the lives of millions of people across the globe. Everyone is afraid and hubbub. We all are now caring for our lives, no matter where other will reach due to our little mistake. 

Life is still in progress when there is proper lock down. Life is still in progress when we have seen that people couldn’t buy branded items on Holy Days. Life is still in progress when people are staying home and no one is going outside to earn. People have firm Belief on Allah Almighty that He will provide shelter and wealth to the little insect who is living inside the rock

People are staying home with their loved ones and they are having their lunch and dinner with their families together. This get together was not possible before the Pandemic, because everyone was running to earn money. 

Now coming to other aspect, we come to know that everyone is living in peace and harmony. No tension of office works, employers, workers because daily dealings are disturbed due to Pandemic. Nowadays, no value of a piece of land or any wealth, just people wanted to get rid of this virus.

They are staying home for a reason. They go outside for a reason. We know that many countries are not fully developed. Daily wagers are finding shelter to protect their homies.

I will not hesitate to tell you about the Angelical People are still distributing ration for the needy ones. They don’t care about their health. Remember one thing,
“When You care about others greater than yourself, you are on right path and prospering in all life events”

Before Covid-19, we see the roads and markets were full of people and no human was present. But now the population in markets and roads is decreased due to the harm of spreading virus. This characteristic is noticed in every country. And the countries which show negligence is on peak of death rate due to pandemic. 
“Population doesn’t matter; Awareness, self-belief is the key points for a nation to fight against any disease”

Author: Rtr. Habib Sultan
RID-3272 Pakistan 
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