Can you guys define your mom in just one word?

Practically, nobody in this entire universe can define a mother’s love through just words.It is just immortal and selfless, with no plots. It is just something which
one can feel, embrace and one need in his/her life. A mother is she who can take the place of all others but none can take her place.

A mother represents the fusion of emotions, sacrifices and behaviors’ that occur while raising her child, whether that child is biologically hers’ or not. She is the only one who endures pain when sometimes you ignore her. The only woman in the entire world who forgive your mistakes, no matter how big they were or they’re.

Someone rightly quoted- “No matter your age, you will always need
your mom.”

We don’t really spend a minute everyday to thank our mothers’ as we feel it’s their duty towards us. Rather, we should always be grateful enough and thank our moms’ everyday for sacrificing their own personal needs for the sake of our happiness. Like our very own MOTHERS’ whom God have given us in person, we also forget to care and nurture for our very Mother Earth. 

As a result of which, today, the whole world is suffering from such incurable and deadly disease. Still we aren’t sincerely adopting precautions to prevent our lives and everybody around us. It’s high time to ask pardon from that Almighty who is much dissatisfied with all of his children around and take a initiative to protect and respect both of our mothers’..!

Author: Rtr. Kasturi Das
One thought on “MOTHERS’ WE LOVE YOU”
  1. Mother is the only person in life who is our best friend and Mom at same time❤ Never had enough time to thank her.

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