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Why the climate change issue is so important?

The global warming that is changing our climatic conditions already is having serious repercussions.

In just in the last few past decades:
  •  Increased temperatures have intensified extreme weather scenarios.
  •  Blocks of ice in Antarctica have melted away.
  •  Each seasons of forest fire are months longer.
  •  Coral reefs are being washed off their tones.
  •  Mosquitoes are broadening their region, sufficient of disease transmission.

What causes these significant changes?

It is primarily us. We, humans, are the only species who burn fossil fuels and cut down forest areas, causing global temperature internationally to soar. This global temperature rise is exceedingly affecting our climatic conditions — average climate over several decades.

Earth already has warmed by about 1 degree Celsius, or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, since the nineteenth century, already when the industry began to rise. As we’re experiencing the effects, we ‘re on our way to 1.5 degrees C (2.7 F) by 2030.Why is a half-degree more such a big deal? The relatively warm world — even for the half-degree Celsius — has far more dissipation, leading to more moisture in the air.

These climate changes bring our agricultural production, health, water supply more at risk. Image a cotton farm which has been around since 1960, with average global temperatures increasing by about half a degree since the first crop. Then maybe a massive storm already reinforced by warmer oceans and elevated seas — turns this heavy rainfall down on the farm.

The farms are more congested and harmed than they had been 50 years ago. That’s where you’re going from a ½-degree of warming to economic turmoil. It is indeed time for action. Whether there’s a shift of 1.5 degrees or 2 degrees, these amounts of temperature rise are not miraculous thresholds. Every increase in global temperature is much worse for the planet than the one before.

But it’s not inevitable. It isn’t too late to slow down the rate of growth of climate change as long as we approach this issue. Humans can fight this hurdle with each other, by helping each other to dazzle.
Author: Rtr. Megha Ranjan
Rotaract Club of Dumdum Metropolitan
RID- 3291

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