Lalbagh Fort

Bangladesh is one of the most attractive countries in the world and it is very much important for its geographical location. In the past, people from many countries came to this area. Some nations expanded their business and some ruled here. They made lots of forts in Bangladesh for different reasons. I will share information about one of the famous forts called Lalbagh Fort.
Lalbagh Fort is also known as Fort of Aurangabad. This is a magnificent, but unfinished 17th century Mughal fort which is situated on the bank of Buriganga  river in the southwestern part of the old Dhaka city. It shows the fascinating glimpse of the history of Bangladesh. 
Now let’s look at the history of this fort. The construction of this fort began in 1678 under the direction of vice-royalty of Bengal, Prince Muhammad Azam. Prince Muhammad Azam was the son of Emperor Aurangzeb. He was recalled by his father to go back to Delhi and the construction of the fort remained incomplete. Then his incomplete work was continued by his successor, Shaista Khan.
But after the death of his beloved daughter Bibi Pari, he abandoned the project and it remained incomplete till now.This unfinished fort consists of a series of structures surrounded by lush lawns and cultivated gardens. There are structures like three-domed mosque, the tomb of Pari-Bibi, and the Diwan-e-Aam, consisting of two gateways and fortification wall. 
Of the three surviving gates, the southern gate is very impressive, reaching the height of a three-story building. The south tower wall extends west from the collector’s south gate to the main street which is in the southwest corner. From there it reaches a short distance before ending. Inside the fortress walls to the north there are stables and which was probably a control room, while to the west is a well-designed rooftop utility, complete with water storage and fittings.
To the southwest of the mosque, are the remains of the residence of the Lalbagh Fort.Other notable buildings are the hammer of Nawab Shaista Khan and his reception rooms, which now function as a museum. The museum exhibits many artifacts discovered during the excavation, a number of which led experts to believe that, although the Mughals founded Dhaka, the location was inhabited way back.
Certainly, Lalbagh Fort is well worth adding to your list of places to ascertain when visiting the stunning country of Bangladesh.Hope you will enjoy this historical place very much while exploring the beauty of this ancient fort. You will also feel the love of the daughter of Shaista Khan. He showed his love to his daughter and made a tomb of his daughter in this fort.
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