Biodiversity is a very important factor nowadays in our earth’s environmental picture. Biodiversity of our creatures helps us in sustainable growth. The more development we can assure of in the preservation of our biodiversity, the better will be the trend of our ecosystems. The better the ecosystem trends, the better will be the growth trend of our animal culture , the birth and growth of our creatures. The better our biodiversity preservation techniques, the better will be the lifetime of our rare species that are near extinct now. I hope our environmentalists had a prosperous and an effective bygone International Day for Biological Diversity on the 22nd of May , 2020

May this World Environment Day on the 5th of June, 2020 usher in the correct amount of awareness required to preserve our wonderful biodiversity and may we help Mother Nature to nourish its diverse family and all its creatures – from the very small to the very big – from the minute to the many – from the extravagant to the near extinct !

Without the virtues of our Mother Nature, we are nothing but helpless. We , the human beings have continuously misused these virtues, provided to us by our dear Mother Nature at free of cost, and hence now, the Nature is paying back to us. Our selfish deeds have known no bounds – even just a few days back a pregnant elephant was unfortunately and carelessly killed by a group of local humans who had set traps for wild pigs/boars with a cracker stuffed pineapple

That poor beast came across it and unknowingly had it thinking it to be food, and she along with her baby in her womb, died standing in the middle of a river, in order to cool her burning inner organs and also to ensure that the blood stained wounds don’t get affected by insects, causing her baby any harm.  Such mishaps occur where ? In a place like Kerala that’s named ‘ God’s Own Country’ and has the highest literacy rate in all over India ! Then can we imagine what happens in other places where literacy rate is low ? Just imagine ! 

The way we have been doing inhuman deeds day after day, that’s why it’s now payback time and Nature is hitting us back with back to back catastrophic situations like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and national disasters like the recently occurred Amphan cyclone disaster in West Bengal. The pains endured by the pregnant elephant won’t go in vain and soon Nature will hit back again for this and Kerala might be devastated ! But we should have nothing to complain because we are our own culprits ! We have no one to blame except ourselves ! 

But even amidst all this , we should forever be grateful to our Mother Nature for whatever she has given us. Our nature has given us wonderful shades of greenery. Her strong , big trees provide us with the oxygen we need to intake in order to survive.  Her grass feeds the herbivores who inturn are fed upon by the carnivores and the omnivores that is us, and thus the food chain is maintained seamlessly. 

Nature has given us vast endless skies to play under. Nature has given us fathomless oceans to explore the mystery and beauty of underwater life. Nature has given us birds to chirp and sing and wake us up with their mellifluous tunes. Nature has given us beautiful flowers with radiant colours to make our lives colourful. Nature has given us sunrays of hope as well as moods of crimson hued sunsets beyond the horizons.

Mother Nature has also given us the spellbinding Aurora effects as well as the Blue Lagoon on the silvery crests of the night seas under the moonlit skies as well as the North Star to pray to on Christmas as well as the mesmerising full moon to take an oath under as well as the shooting star to grab some luck and wish for something. 

Our nature, our environment also provides us with certain non-renewable resources like crude oil , coal etc. which are immensely valuable for us and yet it doesn’t charge us a single penny for those big mines . All she wants is care, love and respect. And what we give her is just the opposite, so she’s bound to hit back. What are we gonna do if according to the scientists really most non-renewable resources are over by 2030-2050 ? 

Nature is very kind on us. Nature loves us. We have such a great environment to live in. We need to preserve our environment and stop misusing / destroying it. We should stop using materials that give rise to non biodegradable waste or we shall use nature’s resources very carefully or whatever but we should stop exploiting Nature immediately otherwise she would have to time and again show us our place by hitting us back in all the ways that’s not beneficial for us. We still have time in our hands. We, the human beings, should learn from our mistakes immediately and act accordingly and try to preserve and conserve our environment just like we do in our respective homes. 

We should expand our horizons of thinking and make the entire enivironment our home and celebrate the  World Environment Day 2020 together by challenging each other in all the environment friendly ways through maintaining both ‘Each one , Plant one’ tree challenges and Social Distancing at the very same time. 

——- Written By

            Rtr. Kaustav Pal

            Director of International Services

            Rotaract Club of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology



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