Childhood Nostalgia!

Childhood Nostalgia

Me: Hey! Mom, where are the old pictures? I want to see them again!
Mom: they are in the storeroom get them on your own!

That is the dialogue we share whenever it comes to seeing old pictures of our childhood. What a nostalgic moment when we saw the photographs! One album then next one and one after that it’s like we want it back all at once, which is quite impossible. When we were children, we had this hurry to grow up as soon as possible, but as we all grew up now, we all miss our childhood charms!

I know how you feel, deep down somewhere in our heart, we miss our childhood! Don’t we?

On a rainy day, we used to make a paper boat to see how far it will go in the little temporary pond on the roadside—our aims of becoming an Air Bender and sometimes Goku from the Dragon ball Z.  And then playing Pokémon, Beyblade, or sometimes Power Rangers and started a battle ended up crying over the imaginary sword that your brother just broke. The paper plane race and then being sad that it didn’t fly more than 3 seconds.

The school, and the recess, ah! The time of joy and to eat the jellies and stuff we bought from the canteen. Canteen’s uncle was always bashing us for no reason. Our childhood friends! We had pure affection towards each other. The little fights we had, and now we are thinking about them, what are they doing and their whereabouts. There was a never-ending bucket list of doing everything all at once, even though meeting a Superman and Batman because they fantasized us, and we thought they were real. All the journals we made back then while reading comics, and now realizing how naive we were when we wrote all of this!

The best day for us was getting a star from the teacher, an excellent remark on our homework, and then showing it to our parents. Admit it that we all tried to hide our bad grades from parents at least once. In the middle of the night, we woke up soaking in sweat after a nightmare and, within a second, snuggled into mum’s lap and hugged her so tight, thinking that if a ghost came, my mum would save me.

The tears and fear of getting lost somewhere in public or the sudden meltdown over the biscuits and toys you didn’t get. The time you were feeling butterflies in your stomach because papa brought new toys. Every morning the scolding of mom over getting ready for the school so that we wouldn’t be late again.

How beautiful our childhood was growing up watching Looney tunes, Dragon tales, Scooby doo, and the amazing Tom and Jerry show we have to watch at supper, like it’s a ritual.

Screaming with siblings to see who screams louder, annoying the parents over meaningless things which we thought we would die if we didn’t get them. Now we realize that those lame things were everything for us. How could we forget playing hide and seek with cousins and the darkroom game vibes?

We miss all of this, and there’s no way to go back and enjoy those moments because we didn’t know the value of those moments. We were just in a hurry to grow up fast. But as time passed, we started realizing that the time of our childhood was the golden period of our lives. We were innocent, have no worries and we had our freedom. We were getting love from everyone.

Now we are so busy in the race of winning materialistic things that that child inside of us is dead. What is the point of living in nostalgia for hours if you do not know how to wake up the child inside you?

Today we lack the pure gift from God “Our child version”; The impulsive, fierce, and brave small kid. Who stood up after falling, who doesn’t give up easily, and who fought without being scared. Who always thought of winning and not losing, who doesn’t give a hoot about what people would say. Who was brave enough to ask questions, who had the power of getting rid of bad situations, who had the best defense mechanism, who was confident enough to speak something unusual in public. Who dares to do anything without fear of society, who spoke nothing but the truth, who was dead honest, who was living the best life.

We need to wake that kid up. Why is it so important? Because now we are the opposite of that kid. We are not brave enough to do something; we have this constant fear of shaming by society. We lack the confidence to speak up in public, something astonishing. We are afraid to ask questions; we get confused by the people around us. They manipulated us so quickly. We are so scared by society’s so-called pressure that if we decide to make one bold move. The next minute tag of “fool of the year” is hanging down your neck, we give up easily nowadays. We make excuses, and we lie all the time, we are not innocent at all, we are dictating each other, and we are not living our best lives. There is a constant void in our heart and the feeling of emptiness. We need to get back on old terms when we were kids; we had no worries and free-living. We have to bring all those childhood charms back, especially that contentment. Only then can we make this world a happy place to live in!

Author:Rtr. Afsa Saqib
Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad, 
RID 3272, Pakistan

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