Being child is one of the innocent stage of human life or one can say children as the innocent creature.The children can adopt and mould them very easily. The love, care and kind heartedness of parents and people around can shape them into the beautiful soul.

From the very beginning of the children’s life, their way of learning shapes them and keep them down to earth. The pattern of living, loving and caring in a person’s life is the gift of childhood.

So, One of the important era of human’s earthly life is childhood and where they must be given a good attention, living their dreams being unstressed and independently learning every beautiful art of living. As it is claimed ” Attention gives you the strength, love makes your way smooth and care organises you in proper manner”

This all unitedly helps in making a beautiful soul with strong body and mind to face all the challenges of life.
Just few lines from the child hood diary!

Author: Sabahat

RAC Jamshoro

RID 3271

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