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‘An embrace of seclusion and a realm of loners.’

Solitude is a deeper internal process, usually taken up by an individual for self-configuring and reintegration therapy to move on in lifeI would, in the shadow of my insight about grief and sorrows idealize solitude as a powerful function of a human mind to comprehend and well understood ones predicament in this world.

A person can find solitary peace in the contemplate silence in diversified ways of spending time yet for isolated confinement in the open world, unwinding from the entangled thoughts perturbing the tranquility of the sharp wounds, healing of which seem implausible.
I have been through the oceans of a frightening reality losing the hope of holding onto the best of my times and moments in life, releasing myself from the web of those ornamental moments trickling down in my warm blood, seemed inevitable and have overpowered my strength, instead, nurturing the weakest of my probable fears

Struggling, to release myself from the array of agony and pain, offering nothing except distress, I somehow reached the conclusion alone, that being with my own self has great healing power, making me comfortable in my own skin, intimating with my own mind and giving me time to spend with my shadow only, the part of myself which I felt like running away from in the past, now offered me, the best of peace.

I never felt lonely in my solitary confinement. In factit provided me to constructively engage with myself, making me a deep observer of my life and helped me to visualize things as they really are.

Upper Düden Falls, Turkey

Ranging from deep reading, experiencing the beauty of nature and spending a solitary time in any creative activity which can provide an individual with a counterpart of intimacy, allowing a self-worthy of sharing and demonstrating as you heal, recover, rejuvenate and replenish of what you really are.

 It helps to regain perspectives and renews to face the challenges of life. When people take these moments out to explore their moments, they might confront, rebuild or revisit the glimpses of who they are, this would help to out maneuver some possible toxicity causing distress and anxiety from the social setting.

I am no longer afraid of my alone time anymore, rather it’s the strongest relationship I believe, one could find, to self-strengthen and restore the lost energies as it is commonly said that the only teacher is not in the forest, mountains, rivers or ice caves, it is within us.

  We take the ownership to hold the staring of our life, reflect on what we want, what is achievable in life, how? And gives a way forward to a destination known or not known through an undefined journey, crossing the meanders of life’s thick and thins and soothing the souls scars, providing an exit to the profoundly embedded deep seated fears and sorrows, with a hope of the emergence of sparkling and twinkling stars, on the darkest shadow of the sky.
Engr. Shaoor Khan
Director Board of International Relations
RAC Karachi Kehkashan 
RID 3271; Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
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