What is Depression? | Causes of Depression | The Burning Issue of this Era
Nowadays Depression is a more burning issue amongst us than the burning Amazon. The youth is highly getting affected by depression. There are many reasons due to which depression sets inside people. 

Regarding the youth, mostly depression sets in due to love relationship problems and breakups, no vacancy in jobs etc. In elder people, depression mainly sets in due to untimely marriage of son/ mostly daughter, sexual problems, poverty etc.

People commit suicide in huge numbers each year due to the fact that they just can’t handle their depression anymore. They want to run away from all this. They want to hide. So they choose this path of redemption – suicide.

The problems discussed above are imminent ones so we can’t totally avoid them. The thing is we need to have the courage to face them and overcome the situation ourselves, but sometimes when the depression reaches extreme stages, victims do need support. Our biggest mistake is that we tend to leave them alone during that time because they sound messy to us. 

This is where we need to improve. Not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with a life of his/her choice. So the people who are lucky enough to have so, or the people like myself, with God’s grace, who are optimistic enough to prevent depression from penetrating into their minds, they/we need to step up against the odds and support the victims during their tough times.

We just cannot demotivate them by any means at those times. We need to put up a peaceful smile on our face and tell them directly or by at least making a phone call to them that ‘life isn’t over yet, my friend. Believe in yourself. Believe in The Almighty.

Good days aren’t far away. You are destined to have a happy life. Just wait for the moment and keep working hard to overcome yourself. Only you are your competition. Always remember the sacrifice and love of your parents in bringing you up. Don’t let that be wasted. Don’t make them cry.’ 

We have to make them understand that they are also entitled to have a happy life ahead. We need to just provide them with some mental support. That will make a great positive impact on the depression victims. We have to make them believe that they matter.
Rtr. Kaustav Pal
RAC-Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology

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