Superstition is a deep rooted malady. It means the blind beliefs having no scientific justification. Weakness and fear are the main source of superstition. Now the question can arise that what is fear and what is weakness. Suppose you are about to start your journey to destination and suddenly a black cat crossed your path. What will you think?

You will think that may invite an accident for you. Sneezing before that also is a blind belief for the same situation as well.Many people hang on a shoe to a new car to ward off devil. No 13 is considered as unlucky. We see a lot of successful men and women who were born on 13th of various months.

 Primitive people were over-awed by the force of fire, water, wind, sky and earth which are jointly called as, ” Panchabhuta”, or five great elements that gave rise to superstition. Still now the birth of girl children are termed as bad luck.

 Life as a blind gamble as the only table and the only one see fit to lay his cards on is the one with the label , “Blind Belief“.

The Belief in Ghosts was common. It was believed that these ghosts walk at night and that they were visible to some Tantriks and all. Taking advantage they became the controllers of those imaginary ghosts. They cheated those simple villagers and veru unfortunate is that even today, such cases and stories are achieved.

Often it is considered as auspicious if some of us came across to their servants or sweepers at early morning.Many of us imagine a lady wearing black dress and having the magical powers and flying on a broomstick as, “Witch” or, “Dayan”. This is very shitt.
Hopefully some of them are diminishing but not disappearing entirely. Only proper education and faith on education can play a positive role to weed out them.

 It will fall into decline with the progress of science and by virtue of scientific outlook. But very fast education is important to snatch these away from people. 

 Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can. “

Rtr Snigdhadeb Guha
Rotaract Club of Geetanjali Kolkata
RID 3291


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