Student and Politics in India

Student and Politics

There is a diversity of opinion as to whether students should take part in politics or not. According to many, they should and according to others, they shouldn't. Before 15th August, 1947 almost 200 years of time of imprisonment of India, almost all leaders wanted the student fraternity to join politics. They even asked students to leave British educated colleges and schools. 

They thought that students could have no proper education under a foreign rule. Students also responded to them. They also took part in the struggle for independence. Mostarda Surya Sen's famous Chittagong stroke was along with his students. Netaji Subhash ch Bose himself joined the politics at a very early age. 

But the picture of India is today is completely different. We have achieved freedom. So old ideas has changed. Now the only tagline for students of India is to study hard, build up a career, be successful in your personal and professional life. They should have a well-trained mind and a developed strategy. But if one of them neglect to prepare these all for future greater life he will lose both ends. 

There's another conception that they should join politics even from very childhood. If they don't come in contact with famous leaders of polity they can't acquire the knowledge, the methods. And if they do so they won't be able to help their country. Some careful people considered this. But to be very honest to say none of them is defect free. 

If a student confines himself to classrooms, books and exams only he becomes narrow-minded. They can't keep abreast of the progress of the world of the day. Therefore they shouldn't be totally shut out from politics. 

On the other hand, it's not desirable that they should actively participate in Politics. Their student life can be destroyed properly. The unhealthy influence of party can kill the goodness and nobility of them. Many times it's seen that some professional activists influence them badly and then captured their mind. As a result, the innocent students become a toy. They will not see the truth and the color of judgement. This is not at all hopeful for any individual student. 

So as of my thinking, the students should complete his study first and then secure a healthy job and then he may take part in politics. The record of dreadful events which happened in the long past is not the history. Our students must think about present firstly then about future. In conclusion, we can say that a student can join politics but after his duties of student life.

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  1. Students should restrain themselves from politics as currently parents pay heavy fees and after what you joined politics during student life and there is a very less chance to grow in it or to win a big seat.