Positivity has to be created. It is something we all have been facing in modern times that keeping up with positivity is very difficult. We all have heard many times that PRACTICE MAKES YOU PERFECT. Likewise, you have to practice positivity to keep a positive vibe around you all the time.

Most of my points might sound cliché but to bee honest, these things have been under-rated for such a long time that nobody pays attention to these little and simple details. I have practiced them and it has worked.

✔Try to Sleep Early:For a normal functioning mind you need to have that proper rest. Re-schedule your whole lifestyle so you can have some time to relax.
✔Keep a small pocket diary. Name it MY POSITIVE JOURNAL. Whatever good happens in your life, a flower you saw? A good tea? You looked good? Write it down how it made you feel. This habit will train your brain to think positively.
 âś”Participate in small charity works. When you help another aching soul, you feel less bad about your own pain.
✔Talk to a close friend or family when you start feeling low. Vent out. Practice catharsis. Do not lock yourself up.
✔When you wake-up ,OPEN UP YOUR ROOM WINDOWS. Let fresh air flow in. Let daylight lit up your life. Scientifically proven this is beneficial for health. Human is an animal, and it belongs to nature. So connect to nature and let the positive energy flow in you.
✔EXERCISE. Just a walk or light running 20-30 min. Keeps your body healthy and lets a good flow blood which makes you feel good.
âś”Family Bonding: When everything fails…Family rescues. Try spending time with family. Make sure you return the love that they give you.
✔Connect with Nature:Let the freshness of nature motivate you.
✔ALWAYS DRESS UP NICE: this will boost the confidence.
✔Keep yourself busy in a productive way. Learn a new skill or language. This will improve you and you feel progressing as well.

These steps can be a game changer in your life. If you correct the small thing in life it eventually helps you to create greater and mental stability in life.


Rtr Dur e Aden
General Secretary 
RAC-BZU (2021-22)
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