Kindness- the most priced human possession

It was in the holy month of Ramadan and I was about to go home after my classes were over, but my friend insisted me to visit the Mahabhairab temple. Immediately, I agreed to join her as I didn’t visit the temple for years. It was a hot summer day. As I was about to cross the road, at a distance saw an elderly woman trying to halt every passing vehicle. She wore torn clothes, which could hardly cover her body. 

I saw people surrounding her, but none of them stood up to help her. I rushed to her and asked her if I could help her in any way. She replied soberly that she came from another town to find work, but while returning someone had stolen her purse and now she got no money to go back home. I agreed to help her.

I stopped one rickshaw, paid the fare and bade her a goodbye. When I looked back at her, she smiled, I could see her glowing eyes as if she wanted to thank me. I smiled back.That simple act of kindness made me happy. It will always be a souvenir in my heart. Being kind is certainly a source of perpetual happiness. When we are kind we don’t seek for anything in return, we are kind because we seek happiness in somebody else’s eyes.

I went inside the temple, though I was happy with what I did, I was extremely disappointed to see none helping the old lady. What has happened to our people? We have become so busy shaping our lives that we seldom care about others. We live in an era where materials have precedence over humans. Over millions face starvation. A child under fifteen dies every five seconds. The more serious cases are fighting over religion and power.Such acts had made us so unkind that we seldom behave like we are social animals. Millions have been killed in the name of religion.

Is religion more than humanity or is humanity our religion? Forget other things, we have even failed to take care of other living beings and how can I not talk about climate change? We rarely speak to our own family members. We have less friends with every increasing year.We are lonely, depressed and broken. It becomes so hard at times to realise what we have done to our own beautiful world.

The world is sad, our society is lonely, our environment is degrading. Is there any possible solution to these problems?Yes, kindness is the solution. Kindness breaks barriers between all living souls. It alone has the power to heal the society from this pain. It is the language that even the deaf can hear and the animals can understand. If we are kind to other people we will live in harmony, if we are kind towards the rivers we would not let it pollute. If we are kind enough towards our health, we will eat the right food. Kindness can make the poor rich and the depressed happy.

 Kindness is the root from where the tree of society evolves which bears the fruit of honesty, brotherhood and love. Kindness makes us compassionate humans. Practicing love and kindness can make this one life worthwhile I decided to return back home and took a rickshaw. The street was long, I kept peeping out of the window. I saw an old woman feeding the street children. They looked happy and ate every bite on their plate.

Near the temple I saw few men arranging meal for Iftar. I saw the Muslims offering water to the passer-by. The church’s bells began to ring. The evening Azan began along with the evening Aarti. I have never experienced such beauty on any other occasion. Maybe kindness exists in us, but we have locked it in one of our deepest corners. We need to open the lock and realize the beauty of kindness. With such little act of kindness, little by little let us create a society full of kindness.

Over seven billion population
Over four thousand beliefs
While kindness is the prayer
That all religions teach



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RID – 3240

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