When your friend wants to share your lunch box with him and you said, “Don’t touch it! It’s mine.” 
The sudden words uttered from your mouth are, 
“You are so mean.” 

All this happens with me, you and obviously everyone. It shows our childish behaviour and attitude towards the things which belongs to us. 
When we are sitting in the class, we take very deep meaning of teacher’s saying. Here, you should go deep to this word i.e. Mean.  

Take a deep breath and try your best to step in the imaginative world. Because my opinion is that imagination is a great strength. As children do heroic adventures in their childhood because they imagine that they are superman.Now, you are standing in an imaginative world, in fact it’s true. Seriously it is not a camouflage for you at all. 
We all are wishing to have a prosper country in just a night. I am not changing myself. I am not fulfilling my responsibilities and I wish to have a proper country. This attitude deserves a big flat “China Chappal”.  
That defines, “How mean I Am.”  

Let start with the place where we are living. If I am living in a street. I want my neighbour to show respect towards my family, but I always ignore his children. Is that possible that my neighbour will show some respect for me? Never. That defines, “How mean you are.” 
  All are living with their own benefits, no one cares about others.  That defines, “How mean you are.” 
Now please show some serious attitude, because the issue I am raising here is very delicate. You are standing in an open market. A rascal came and grabs a child who was standing alone in the market, lost in a crowd, finding his/her parents. The child is crying, weeping, screaming loudly and begging everyone, “Please help me! That rascal will kill me; he will torture me.” You are all watching this. You didn’t move a single step. The lame excuse you gave is that where is the child’s parents, why he/she was standing alone? 
That defines,” how mean you are.” 

 This attitude deserves a slap on your face. Everyone who is watching this says in favour of that person. The rascal is running; you didn’t move a single step. Because that child is not yours Nah! You will do something when your child, brother, sister or daughter is on that rascal’s shoulder. 

Without awareness, you are wishing to have a reformer like Mustafa Kamal. That defines, “How mean you are.” 
Without broadening your mind, you are wishing to have a Philosopher like Allama Iqbal. That defines, “How mean you are.”Without fulfilling your responsibilities, you protest for your rights. That defines, “How mean you are.”  
Allah also said that when you are not changing yourself, no one will come to take you on the right path until you make a right path.

Author: Rtr. Habib Sultan 
Member Rotaract Club of UAF,
RID 3272

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