HER | Power of a Woman

For a long time, women have been considered the weakest of the sexes just because everyone thinks that we’re always emotional and extremely expressive. Others even think that we don’t have the ability to control our thoughts and how we react to different things and situations that come our way.

There is constant pressure for women to “be” the way the world wants them to be. But why why always women be the way world wants them to be why not world be the way that ever can survive happily and easily. Women are sensitive but most strongest creation of Allah. 

Mentally strong women stay focused on growing stronger and becoming better, regardless of what their critics say. There’s no need for them to prove their inner strength to anyone else for attention. They recognize that their strength will likely remind others of their own weaknesses.

Women are the one’s who face many difficulties in their life but still they are strong, focused, ambitious, intelligent, smart and always ready for everything. 

She remains strong irrespective of anything she goes through. She’s calm and composite. She’s mentally strong. 

Whatever difficulty comes to her, she faces with bravery. Don’t think that she is weak. She’s very strong. 
Dont underestimate her.

Author: Rtr sidra
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