Health workers are Real Heroes
My all time inspiration is my mother. Mostly of us are very attached to our mothers but  I want to say  some serious truth about my relationship with my mother. My mother is a Staff Nurse and a very career oriented woman I have ever seen in my life. But the main fact is that I am the unwanted child. All my grandparents, my uncles all-time have the issues with my birth. Today I’m 20.

I’m strong enough right now to handle all these misbehavior and all from them. But there was a time in my early childhood when they all-time taunted me and used a lot of bad words. Even my own father too used so. Then just one lady was there to hold me and to support me and  she was there to protect me. She was there to say me that no I wasn’t unwanted. 

She’s my mother, my biggest inspiration. Still she is serving the patients at hospital in this troublesome situation without thinking about her health, life and us. She’s my inspiration. She’s my true soulmate. And I want to say if I’m anything  today only because of her.

All-time when I need her she was there to support me. But now she wants us. She wants her family. Not only my mother but also the nurse fraternity, the doctors, the police men and women all who are just now on duty are going to same situation. Its very often seen that some uneducated people used very bad words against them, threw bricks, abused them verbally or physically.

Sometimes nurses faced sexual harassment too.So, this is not required in society. When you are not respecting him or her, never disrespect him or her. And when you are in troublesome situation never disrespect them. I respect my mom. I respect all my sisters. I respect my doctors. I respect them.
“Thank you for sacrificing most of your weekends on the patients instead of going to movies!”
Every nurse is an angel with a key for healthy community. My mom is an angel. Every nurse is an angel.
Rtr Snigdhadeb Guha,
Rotaract Club Of Geetanjali Kolkata
RID 3291

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