“People change as weather of their needs changes”

It’s not easy to bury hatchet there where ones living cat and dog life.
In an asylum of my memories lane, I always found myself inside a secret incinerator where I see myself burning by the hands of those who were meant to glow me.

Footsteps that I followed lead me to the hell of my life eventually resulting in badly bruised of one self. Those who had blue blood turned out green eyed monster and the touch of green fingers disconnected creating distance ends.

High And Dry, when you overdo for friends named foes your attachments may end close fistedly and the remains are only shattered fragments of memories followed by traces of moments you have had with them.

Forbidden fruits tastes sweetest but experiences taught us absurd realities. Friends who left you on hardest of your times are actually your foes. They came like robbers snatched your sincerity, modesty, love and inner sense of believe from you but some realities are hard to accept.

Mishap-pens always have a reason behind them. Some crocodile tears and some empty vessel mouths can damage everything in seconds you have had made in years truly by playing misunderstanding cards.

Indeed some spots never erase ever but they makes our heart grow fonder .It always easy to pull’s one leg with a high hand but in all this they always lose their own selves .

On fair and square basis, karma always hit them hard putting an end to what they had already done and destiny make them face the music of their own acts on the dot as the bitter truth of life is you reap what you sow earlier.
Sharmeen Asif Hussain Siddiqui
RAC_Royals Karachi RID # 3271
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