Over 30 million Americans will take anti -depress-an medication today. More Americans die from suicide every year than from car accidents! Anxiety and depression can literally suck the life out of you, but they don’t have to. Your life does not need to be defined by depression or anxiety, there is hope! Treatment for anxiety and depression is not one size fits all but rather each struggler must examine their unique  circumstances and formulate a personal plan for recovery.

We tackle depression and anxiety from biological, psychological, social perspectives. But now, its time to tackle these problems by spiritual perspective. So don’t waste another day mired in the pit of anxiety and depression. Your life can be better, much better! Small changes in your thinking patterns, support community. 

Spiritual life can make a huge difference. You really can get your life back and live with purpose and passion. Find balance. Perhaps once every day, show an act of kindness towards another person. You’ll feel happier and those around you will feel better too. Giving another individual your support can help alleviate both yours and their feelings of loneliness in times of isolation.

When you focus on and praise your effort, you’ll feel more in control of your life’s direction. With this growth mindset, challenges are seen simply as obstacles to overcome with new opportunities the end result. Stop comparing yourself to others. Because if you are constantly comparing yourself to others and finding yourself falling short? This will set up a feeling of failure which will become your default position.

Instead, praise your positive qualities, respect your own needs and desires, and be kind to yourself whenever possible. Value your unique self. You will move away from depression and anxiety and experience feelings of bliss, contentment, peace, tranquility and harmony. 

Author: Farheen kz
From: Rotaract club of Karachi Royal
RID 3271.

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