Every child has a different pattern of reasoning, interests, perspectives, wishes, different backgrounds, diverse struggles, a complex set of values, and most importantly a different approach while taking decisions in the matters of life. How can we expect two or more people to be the equivalent? How can they be expected to develop the same capabilities? This thing is a white lie because some tasks are easy for some, but not for everyone.

The problem with our society is that it expects good grades in science from a skilled cinematographer who is best in film making. We expect a writer to become an outstanding sportsman. We expect an athlete to become a good debater. We assume a speaker to outshine in sketching and painting. We want an artist to become a well-known actor. And finally, we expect an actor to become a cinematographer.

The world is full of such examples. Getting a compulsory education is not a bad thing but wanting more than required from a cinematographer in studies is wrong. His long time struggles to become a professional cannot be taken for granted just because we assume his talent to be worthless in comparison to his studies through which he can build his career. One can enjoy his/her unique abilities

When vocation becomes a vacation if there is an occupation in it. There is no law in the world to stop somebody from giving free consultation. Someones little advice could be personal jealousy which could ruin a beautiful mind. The newborn doesn’t have a right to decide about his/her future. The first sentence a newborn heard is probably Oh! My son/daughter is going to become a pilot, engineer, doctor, or lawyer. They tried to impose their opinions on their children.

From day one of the schooling parents start feeding little one’s mind that you have to become a doctor even though they gave examples related to doctors, engineers whatsoever. The cute little mind had big goals. Every single day of his/her childhood, he/she spends their day of becoming a boxer, sportsman, entrepreneur, astronaut, scientist, singer, guitarist, writer, police officer, actor, magician, army officer, an artist, etc.

Kill a writer or distract an actor for both of them, their talent is their life, and asking them to opt for something else is like asking them to select an alternative for survival. By doing so, they may become living dead bodies! Parents feeding children’s minds by telling them that there are only a few options for them and they can only be successful if they opt for those professions. I call this “Slow poisoning.” When children find out about their hidden talents; the creativity resides in them; they began looking forward to pursuing it.

But our society including parents and norms kill their dreams. They are not allowed to fly high instead their wings are cut short. The unique soul wants to achieve his/her goals. But our society conventionally pushed them away; the dialogue What will people say? kills half of the dreams. The community recklessly ignores their artistic expressions. This brainwashing is the cause of placing the wrong people in the wrong places!

The diversity that resides in human beings is the beauty of God that generates elegance in nature. Let us all focus on identifying our imperfections, fixing ourselves, working on our ideas, and  understanding our potential. Lets accept every soul has the right to decide its future. Let’s encourage them to chase their dreams.


Author: Rtr. Afsa Saqib
Club: Rotaract Club of University of Agriculture Faisalabad (RAC-UAF)


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