It’s  the  time  of  1980s  when  the  Motorcycle  &  telephones  were luxuries and not  available on  demand immediately; Path  labs were not settled  at  the  root  level in  towns or villages. 
At that time young MBBS graduate came to Rural Hospital at Mahad village in Maharashtra State. Here one out of ten patients was victims of scorpion or snake bite & saving them was a herculean task. In the village, people used to get these bites frequently as they slept on ground, worked in fields, gathered wood from jungle without any protective gear; children used to get bitten while playing games and many other reasons. 

Even if there was antivenom it was hardly useful for saving patients from the aftermath of Scorpion bite. The doctor even reached the city where facilities were available but no use. No one in the whole world had solution for this problem. All other doctors used to refuse these patients as it was a black spot on their career that the patient died even after the treatment. 

The young doctor used to cry, literally, when he couldn’t save anyone from scorpion bite. This situation made him helpless & he started thinking about what can be done about this. So it was the decisive moment for the young doctor, whether to CRY or TRY??
It was not the first time for such dilemmas in his life. On every stage of his life, from childhood till the end of medical education destiny always tested him harshly & yet he always triumphed. In spite of the helpless scenario, where only stereoscope was there for examining, he accepted the challenge. 

He studied sincerely throughout his medical career, he could visualize each and every one of the 2000 pages Gray’s Anatomy. In this high time, again he did an in depth study on scorpion bite. He started his research by noting down all aftermaths of Scorpion bite & he found that in all symptoms, peripheral vasoconstriction was major cause of mortality & the treatment explained in the medical books was not helpful at all, so he decided to stop using it. He applied all his knowledge & found out that major cause of death was not the poison itself but its consequences. 

He realized that the poison starts an unending chain reaction in body in the form of adrenaline rush which eventually leads to death. This adrenaline rush results in high blood pressure which triggers effects like sweating, severe pain, heart failure. His innovative mindset lead him to think out of box, as saying goes, “Great people don’t do different things, they do things differently” the medicine which was used previously for controlling heart rate could be made applicable in this scenario stop adrenaline rush & eventually save the life of a patient. This thought process proved to be the masterstroke for him.
One day a patient on the death’s door, due to scorpion bite, came to him. 

After examination doctor asked his parents that, “I know one cure but there is only 1% chance that patient will survive, should I use it?” Parents hesitantly agreed to his suggestion. He gave the intuitive drug & firstly the BP of patient suddenly came down, Patient became unconscious. His parents started crying but this was well anticipated by our young doctor & he was waiting for heart to stabilize. 

Suddenly after some time patient started yelling, due to pain at the bite spot & the doctor was elated & started jumping all around. Patient’s parents shockingly asked what happened. He replied,” Yes!!  Yes I got it; your son is safe & cured.”

Here starts the era of scorpion bite cure which further led him To cure 2000+  scorpion bite patients & he became the person with number of LANCENT  journal Publications related to scorpion bite. The  journal which  is  considered  as an  authoritative  voice  in  the  field  of  human healthcare  &  general  medicine,  It  is  the  journal  in  which publication  of  a  line  is  equivalent  proof  of  highly  prestigious research. But the Story doesn’t end here; 

Our Indian systems did not accept his research for a long time even when he became famous in the entire world. Because of his breakthrough mortality rate of scorpion bite came down to 1% from 50%. & Guess What!! This  invention  was  carried  out  with  the  help  of  only stethoscope,  pen  &  Paper. The person I was describing is Dr. Himmatrav Baswakar – the man of fortitude, courage, having blazing intellect & many great qualities.

 He is an Incarnation of Dheerpurusha! – The  man,  who used his knowledge in  medical  sciences  to  help  alleviate the sufferings  of  the  common  people. His research attitude further led him to make a great impact on topics like Fluorosis , cadmium renal failure, Dementia, Ear lobe crease, Acute myocardial infarction, B12 & Vitamin D levels in children, Thyroid victim of Iodine salt, etc. Today even he is doing research on COVID19 medicine.
Today we are facing similarly, if not more, challenging situation with COVID19. Who knows with the deep insights & enriched knowledge, somewhere we might find Dr.Bawaskar of COVID-19. But At the same time we must need heroes who are also important who will risk their life to get treated first to prove usability of the vaccine. 

It was the story of a man who fought against all odds & succeeded in his purpose. We must salute this Hero for his determination & devotion to serve Humanity. With the Hope – to fight against COVID19 together & Readiness to dedicate for country & human kind I conclude my story.
– Author:
 Rtr. Er. Rushikesh Govind Dale
RAC-Pune Pashan

(Reference – Karyarat Book by Dr. Anil Avchat)
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