Destruction Caused by COVID-19 | Worldwide Lockdown

As of yet about 2.1 million people around the world have been found infected and 1.5 million people have died of Corona virus .There is no doubt that world has no choice other than the lockdown to avoid the colossal toll caused by Corona virus .

However, the lockdown was poorly conceived and declared without preparation. Therefore, Corona virus is affecting every sector of the nation .The global lockdown itself is the major impact of this virus which also adds up some huge impacts to Nepal .
Nepal is also facing the toughest situation due to the impacts of the Corona virus  especially in economic and health sector .Talking about health sector , the sudden lockdown including the closing down of a considerable number of private hospitals , essential medical services and pharmacies are causing and will continue to cause a huge damage to demographic and health outcomes in Nepal .
For instance, the limited mobility and stigma is directly affecting the people in Nepal .Especially Social media has been affected these days a lot more than ever because everything on the social media is about Corona virus and so on .This is why people are mentally retarded of the situation .The suicidal tendencies have been increasing lately because of the fear and anxiety that people have developed within themselves.
Social disconnectedness is fueling mental health issues among different age groups .Many cases of mental health have already been reported across the globe. One of the major impact on health sector is the postponement of immunization schedule which can negatively affects child health outcomes .
The impact has also triggered the psychology of every person so the people are easily believing in all the fake news and articles . Also in my perspective ,the students have been disturbed so badly because of the pressure of the exams being postponed and the stressful environment they have been exposed to.
Similarly, the country lockdown will make a huge impact on economic sector as well.
The pandemic has brought chaos to lives and economics of Nepal. We are  in the verge of extreme economic recession.
The country lockdown has its highest impact on low income people and their families whose survival depends on the daily wages. Especially farmers are suffering due to the inability to sell their goods in the markets. And also the wastage of the fruits and vegetables has led huge loss to them ,their families and the whole nation.
The pandemic and the ongoing lockdown has left employees feelings anxious and worried about the future.
Similarly, Tourism in Nepal is a source of both direct and indirect employment and is a major foreign exchange earner. In 2019, 1.7 million visit Nepal but due to Corona virus the tourism sector and it’s occupancy has dropped to new lows. This has led breakdown on  the GDP of the county .
Besides the negative impact ,the situation has brought some positive influence on people’s way of living and environment itself. People have got a needed break over their monotonous life and some quality time with their families .
If there is something more positive to take from this terrible crisis, it could be that it’s offered a taste of the air we might breathe in a low carbon future .
This situation is not easy to tackle, but together,  we can.
Stay home ,stay safe

Written by: Rtr. Resh Raj Pokharel
Rotaract Club of Sukedhara Charter President RY 2019-20, Zone V, RID 3292

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