Who was She ? A Story of a Queen and King

Once, on a night bit darker, I was wandering on a bridge over a river with my soul dead. The soul shattered and depressed like never before. But this was not the same always. It used to be jolly, lively and vibrant one. The reason behind all this was none but my beloved, my love, my better half, who was no more with me.

When I reached at the center of the bridge I stopped. I was standing alone at the bridge, over a flowing river and started staring it with no purpose. The scenes of nostalgia were passing through my eyes. I kept on cherishing old memories until I realized that now nothing good could happen in reality.

Realizing the fact, I fell in utter grief and dismay. I was so depressed that I decided to jump from the bridge to end it all, all that no more matter to me, all that was worthless. I climbed up the railing. With my arms wide open, I closed my eyes with pain and fear, trying to have enough courage to jump. That scene began to wander in front of my eyes. That worst moment  when my beloved met an accident in front of my eyes and I could do nothing to save her.

I was almost about to jump at that very moment I felt the mesmerizing fragrance of someone, I opened my eyes in trance and looked where the fragrance was coming from. There, I saw her, the epitome of beauty and elegance. Her face was glowing like a moon. She was calm, calm as a saint in paradise. I could not stop looking at her as if I was spellbound. She turned, looked towards me and passed a smile. A smile very deep which can never be forgotten, with eyes glowing like a Sirius, the brightest star in the sky.

The spell broke with the horn of ship passing from the river, I looked at the ship for a moment and then turned towards her. For my surprise, there was no one, she had vanished as if she was a fairy who left after giving the present. I stood there astonished for countless moments.

After a while, I was again ready to end it all. Closed the eyes to feel that deepest pain but I failed. Now, there was only the brightness and that beautiful face and those glowing eyes, all I could  see with my eyes closed. I got off the railing. Feeling good vibes in my heart, I took my way to home.

I always wonder who was she and where did she come from? No matter whoever she was, a mere illusion or a real fairy, she kindled the ray of hope in my heart. Hope to never give up , Hope to Live, Hope to Rejoice.

Rtr. M. Ahmed Rah
Rotaract Club of Karachi Strivers,
RID 3271 Pakistan
11 thoughts on “Who was She ? A Story of a Queen and King”
  1. There are things in our life that keep us hopeful sometime that hope is in form of illusion,sometime memories,sometime relationships or any good deed .. That keep us hopeful n this is the beauty of life so the point from your story i am getting is to find any fairy of hope and keep going in this life even its hard to go on because this is life … Nice words n keep giving hope to the readers.

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