War on Mosquitoes: My Rotaract First Event

On my first day in college I didn’t have heard about rotaract, so being dramatic I wished to join dramatic society of my college. My wish was fulfilled soon by the second week of college as I cleared all rounds of audition to get own self with team of drama seniors. Meanwhile in rush to collect more certificate for the interviews, I heard about rotaract club which provides certificate for every event.

After few days I directly approached to the president of the club and wish to join. After fulfilling all the required information and club dues, I got added in whatsapp group where I started to get all the information related to club activities. It was august month when I went for my first event “War on Mosquitoes”. 

With this a play was also practised by us to make it easy to covey our message to society about dengue. 
In the play there were three mosquitoes and I was one of them, whose primary responsibility was to bite the people and suck the blood. Not in reality but acting like that. As we were about to start with play first we went house to house and urge people to come out and look our play. There was more than fifty people around whose eyes were on us to watch what we had prepared to aware them with. It was first time for a school boy to perform among the community of the people to whom he didn’t know. 

Come and see our play we started to chant in unison voice and fear disappeared. All happened very diligently we heard a great applause in the voice of crowd there. From the beginning to end it was audience clapping which kept us full on high energy. After show I felt like I was in NGO doing something for society. Everything was new for me and in me which I am not able to describe but yes I will must say that at that point only I had decided to not leave this society during my colleges times. From first year volunteer to third year President of the club it was really a memorable touching heart journey. 

Rtr. Shubham Mishra 
Rotaract Club Delhi Prudent, 
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