Stress | Its negative and positive aspects | How can we reduce Stress?

In our daily life, we are very much stressed with stress. So, let’s see what stress is. Stress is the pain we inflict on ourselves through our negative through patterns. In a biological or medical context stress is a physical, emotional, or mental factor that causes mental or bodily tension. It can grow by external factors (from the social situations, psychological, or environment,) or internal factors (illness, or from a medical procedure). It causes the body to be full of hormones that prepare its systems to avoid or deal with danger. Stress can start with “fight or flight” response, a depth reaction of neurologic and endocrinologic systems.

Men’s body is designed to experience stress and react to it. Sometimes it can be positive. It keeps us alert for our upcoming challenges. For stress we can be ready for any danger. That’s why we have a hurry nature to make our duty complete. For example: Suddenly, You received an assignment. It will be submitted within seven days. But the assignment is very large. It will make you stressed. It has a good sign. For this stress, you will complete your duty in time. But if you haven’t this stress, you will complete your assignment in very slow way. 

But it has negative sites too. It will be negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation from it. As a result, stress-related tension builds in that person. In hazardous or challenging situation, people’s stress can be grown. e.g. When a person deliver speech he/she is sweating. It is a sign of a stresses. There are more symptoms like depression, pain in the back or chest, headaches, anger, nail biting, restlessness, social withdrawal, anxiety, sleeping problems, relationship difficulties, sadness, higher rate of tobacco consumption, frequently crying etc.
According to the American Psychological Association (APA)’s annual stress survey in 2018, They shown that the most common stresses were Money and Employment. We have other causes also. There are uncertainty, waiting for an important outcome, retirement issue, family problems like relationships, marriage, divorce, abortion or pregnancy loss, lack of time for oneself, long term illness, social issues like fear of crime or problems of neighbors etc. 

But we can less our stress. what we should do. There are plenty of ways stress management. Negative self-talk is a major causes for stress. We think that we are nothing. Nothing will happen by us. We are loser etc. All of this negative talks make us more depress. And more depress make more stress. We should start thinking about good sides of ourselves. It helps us reduce depression and depression reduce our stresses. 

We can read good books. Which give you different motivations and show how you can reduce your stresses. Change you habit of thinking. If you think this is a problem, then brain take a news that it can not be done ever. But if you think it is a challenge, you brain will receive a massage to be prepare for upcoming challenging activities.

You should exercises everyday, reduce your over weight, eat healthy,  try to overcome your stress points, change your lifestyle. It is important. When you are boarded with your present lifestyle it gives you stress. Change some parts or full lifestyle. You will be able to relief form your pain. 

How can you reduce your Stress: 

Stress,Stressed Person

Rotaract is connected with institutions or community and also internationally. Here are lots of professionals or students gather together. They share their views each other. If there is any situation arise, others can give their valuable opinion on it. So they can mutually solve their problems.

In fact if it is a personal problem, their are lot of young friend waited for you. Some times we feel stress, when we are alone. But in Rotaract, you have lots of home and international friends. You can share your problems with  them. They can make you some suggestion which maybe can help to reduce your problem. When you enjoy people company, you feel better. So, don’t stay alone. Make your time enjoyable. 

Stress is all about your thinking. Don’t be panic. Be relax. Thinking your situations. Try to find your major issues which give you pain. Then change it. And lead a stress free life.  Don’t worry when you are in stress. People usually go under this types situation before you and they could overcome their problem. I hope also can overcome your problems.

Rtr. Md. Jakaria
Rotaract club of Rajdhani Dhaka, 
RID– 3281,  Bangladesh.

3 thoughts on “Stress | Negative and positive aspects of Stress | How can we reduce Stress?”
  1. Money and Employment are the major sources of stress and depression, just because of the lusts created by brands with their marketing of products. When someone don't achieve them after hard work it makes them stressed.

  2. Stress can be positive in the way that it can motivate you to not only do better on tests, work and events, but it can also push you to your fullest potential.

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