Sparkle the Souls

“Where turmoil makes the life drab and drunken, where chaos tightens the schedules making no room for purity, sparkle of hope may ignite passion in the soul.”

Rotaract Club of Faisalabad, RI District 3272 initiated “Project Sparkle” with collaboration of Amal Academy and My Earth, My Oikos, the project to spread happiness with melody of peace, to make the pave of education with the interesting zone of comforts. The main idea of this project was to provide a renewable source to the children of slums, having the IQ level high but having no resources for doing their homework and studies at night. 

According to a case study, Faisalabad consists of 106 slums. The people living in these slums lack basic facilities i.e. clean water, education, electricity, gas, etc. The majority of children living in these slums are the victim of child labor. These children spend most of their time earning income for their families and they are unable to pay the fee for schools. Now there are some NGOs and organizations that are working to provide education to these children. Some of the programs working in Faisalabad are Umeed Schools (By Hassan Ashraf), Slum School (By Rohayl Varind) and Gosha-e-Ilm (By Rotaract Club of Faisalabad).
Approximately 300 children are getting education under these projects, but these children find it difficult to do their homework at night because they lack electricity facilities and there is no alternative left for these children.

Rotaract Club of Faisalabad pointed out this problem of slums and started this project, in which solar lamps were made using plastic waste bottles and this simple combination of plastic waste bottles plus solar energy source ignited spark of education in those souls. We lit up the candle first; it resulted in enhancing the interest of those children showing them a way to new journey.

This project was funded by Rotary Club of Faisalabad and DRRE, DRC of RI District 3272. We have successfully completed the first phase in January 2020 and have plans to make more lamps and distribute among these unprivileged children. 

Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Faisalabad stepped into a new world, where they aren’t paid but their work opened brains. Solar lamps holding children, with spark in eyes to do something new, with passion to get education depicts the success of Rotaract.

“In the gloomy eyes, we poured the dreams
Dreams to fight for right, dreams to work for their right
We poured in souls, happiness & desires
We let them think, something bright
Sparks in eyes, luminous minds
Let’s educate the poor, for future bright
Let’s pour some dreams, let’s ignite some zeal
It’s time to sparkle, it’s time to gleam”

Rtr. Ebadat-ur-Rehman Babar
President| Rotaract Club of Faisalabad, RI District 3272

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  1. We have to make our efforts doubled for such children so that they will have a decent lifestyle and they step forward from the lifestyle their ancestors had.

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