PUBG: PlayerUnkown’s Battleground
If the Prime Minister of a country acknowledges it, it is definitely worth the buzz it has created. “Ye PUBG vaala hai kya?” – PM Modi’s line garnered more applause and hooting than Vicky Kaushal’s “How’s the Josh?” 

PUBG is an online multiplayer game where as many as hundred people from any corner of the world can play a game at a particular time. With the theme of “last man standing”, PUBG’s addictive nature is sure to keep thousands of people glued to their phones for even an hour per game. In economics language, PUBG is facing a period of prosperity, even when it is not completely developed yet. 

The game is making headlines every other day. It makes us ponder, what is it about the game that makes it so addictive? Does the game reflect on a man’s persistence will to stay alive in the real world? Do we still deep inside want to conquer the world even if that means you being the lone survivor? More than anyone, it is the parents of those 13-16 year old gamer whose minds are in a fix these days. Torn between the absurdity of being irrational and the insecurity of their children’s mental and physical health, they resorted to pleading before political leaders of their states. The gravity of the situation was such that it led to a ban on the game in Gujarat followed by an impending decision by the Maharashtra government.

But the odds of that happening are quite unlikely. PUBG tournaments are the new thing for college students. In fact, as bizarre as it may sound, people are playing the game for cash prizes worth thousands or even more.To put an end to the monotonous series of events held in college fests, colleges have decided to add PUBG to the list of various other online games that are played as a part of events. So now students are being provided a platform to display their online gaming skills without having to worry about their attendance! And the befuddled parents wonder, what kind of sorcery is this?

Notwithstanding the nation’s fret, the game is still more popular than any other game in recent times. The game has surpassed long-standing popular games such as Fallout and Grand Theft Auto. PUBG has conquered its reign and it seems like in the near future there is not going to be any competitor close to it.

Written by – Rtr. Shreya Arya, Secretary at Rotaract club of Mohali

Club name – Rotaract club of mohali 

RID – 3080 

17 thoughts on “PUBG: PlayerUnkown’s Battleground”
  1. Yes its really true in some case inspite our one’s control on game, game is controlling one’s mind..!! There have been several incidents where it cause to physical damages also..!!

    Great one Rtr Shreya Arya..!!��������

  2. Nicely penned down Shreya. I myself am a casual gamer in these quarantine period thus I can relate to "conquering the world" part. The game for parents play a vastly different role than that of the gamers. I liked the article and would love to hear more about it from you. Cheers.

  3. Depicts the Status Quo in a very brief and apt fashion, some of the references made were majorly Colligative. Good job Rtr. Shreya Arya, looking forward to more of these. ?

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