Positive Vibes # 01  “You Are Precious”
You are the most beautiful creature on the earth. The more you understand this, the more you will happy and opportune. You are the most powerful living thing on this beautiful planet. Whatever you think is align with your future. Your thoughts are more powerful than anything else. You can live your life as you want but there is only a need to “believe in yourself”. 

You can easily break “Impossible” into “I’m possible”. You can create a positive aura around you and most of the positive people will attract towards you. The entire positive connections joint together. Such robust bonding creates sensational and pleasing impact. You are unprecedented.

Life is like a roller coaster, there are unpredictable ups and downs but only you can heal yourself by your powerful mindset and you will be more confident after that. Once you will learn how to use your power, you will no longer dependent on any other to give their shoulders in your hard time. 

Notwithstanding it’s good to have beautiful relationships but use those relationships to spend your happy moments and try to heal your maximum part by your energy. You are unique and lovable. Undoubtedly Almighty Allah loves you more than 70 times as your mother does, so keep imagining how special you are. Once you realize how exceptional you are you will conquest the happiness. Love yourself.
Author : Rtr Ammara Aftab
President (2019-2020)  
Rotaract Club Of Karachi CPEC Beachview
RID 3271
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