Morsels of a derelict soul
                                                                           The undulations of life
As I leaned over the stoop from the top of the lightning tower across the wild roaring waves of the sea, I heard in the noisy calm what the prodigious waves were secretly holding; as a descry of the whacking ripples of the ocean in the deep waters, I heard someone squawking “the waves are monstrous they hold enormous mammoth of anger and torment!”, the voice itself haunted me trembling in fear and uncertainty; I looked around as I gazed on the swatch of the running pattern of the waves till where they met the sand, I heard another voice “ there is nothing than the curls of a pacified wave meeting calmly with the land.”

I’ve got it all wrong where I thought I was right. Perhaps what was right for me appeared wrong to others. The waters before me presented an eccentric picture, they had one commonality both belonged to the ocean and both had two extreme ends. The rear end was turbulent and stormy with humongous tides and as the waters were pushed by the thrusting force ahead the journey till meeting the land, taught it to withstand the enormous effect of the storm, it had learnt to slow down, to compose itself and rearrange the magnitude of its momentum, just to reach its destination after meeting the land.

What’s in the envelope from the heaven for you? We consider, we are here for whole love, infused with divinity, learning to live through the grace of stumbling. What we are today is partially because of our dark shadows of the past; and more of the light we see through within us. Each one of us is bruised and scathered somewhere, feel like the world is falling apart but indeed reality has a way of reminding that the darkness will be shadowed by an enthralling light. I quote here E.M Foster one of my favorite version about the reality of death “Death destroys a man, but the idea of death saves him.” I’ve learnt that we ought to change the way we look at things and the things we look at, will change.

People are often defined by what they have overcome. The biggest problem one faces is desiring for a life without problems. In retrospect, the problems and the way we deal with them become important and valuable experiences. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The testing  trials and storms in my life occurred to test the limits of my soul, we are often not able to show the injuries which had embodied our soul to anybody because we want to remain undivided, we take the ownership of our sorrows, grief and loneliness. Our smile carries pain nobody know about, we laugh with a terrible crying heart and yet manage to hide what lies beneath. We must stop telling ourselves stories and never turn away from life, rather, we must start believing in orienting life, towards facing reality. 

I became closer to people around me and I felt, I should be a giver which rendered me with immense happiness. I recollected and mended the morsels of my shattered soul. It’s okay to feel pain, bottling the feelings will do harm in the long run. It’s important to consider other people’s struggles and learn that there is a whole world out there, where everyone goes through something. Asking for help isn’t failing, but failing to ask for help when you need it, is. Accept support from those who are willing to offer. Happiness cannot be found in just looking around, look for someone to help and happiness will find you. This will ingrain and entrench a deeper part in us and will stay there, releasing those sparks of resilience against any odds. Don’t let pain ever hold you back. Any successful person alive today is a testament to that infinite capacity of the human potential. Overcome adversity to accomplish something worthwhile.

Engr. Shaoor Khan
Director Board of International Relations
RAC Karachi Kehkashan 
RID 3271; Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
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  1. Hey hope your're doing good.Let me clear, this article is written by Shaoor Khan,
    RAC Karachi Kehkashan. This person deserves your appreciation. Thank you.

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