Innovation and its Impacts on Society

Innovative means using new ideas or ways of doing something new. The word innovative is coming from innovating. Origin of the is mid 16 centuries and Its’ a    Latin American’s word which means is making something new. In the way make something, every matter has two sides; good side and bad side.

Now, come to the point why I am choosing this word innovative for today’s’ writing. As a youth, we are now trying to change our world and want to make something new, and also effective. Besides this, sometimes we are ignoring our existing things like in a way of modernization we read the book on the smartphone, PC, Laptop and forgetting to study physically the printed books.

Reading books is enriched one’s mind and increased knowledge, and thinking capability. When a person reads a book through printed copy it is a way of learning language, increasing vocabulary, life-long habit. Going to the library makes new friends or talking about various social issues, sharing thoughts with each other’s, remembering memories, get to a gathering, etc.
Besides, by the blessing of technological socialization, a human forgets to read books and his or her daily social life.

 Globalization is made the world small and men are finding everything in one second. They are doing what they want to do, jumping and skipping anything. Moreover, young generations are faster than ever. I the future they will be faster more and more.

They can read many newspapers, books, articles, many kinds of research and by the keywords, they are found many things of different perspectives which are enriched their minds and academically, and professionally.

With the above good things of reading books of the two ways; I want to focus on our physical and mental health and each human ethical values when is decreasing. In the below, I will be showing you some examples with a difference:

Physical Impacts:

All the time we are kept our mobile in hand studying on it. For this, our back pain is seeing at a young age, losing eye power easily, headache is the common sick for all.

Before we were waking up early in the morning for the reading newspaper in the printed copy but when it is in the online system we wake up after sunrise and read the newspaper online, sitting on the bus. Seeing the screens many times it attracts on the brain and light of smartphones creating an effect on our eyes.

Mental Impacts:

Before television we hearing the radio and try for listening, understand, thinking before assumption but now we can see the news and we forget to think, understand and listen. Now, everyone wants to say. No one is listening. Peoples are going to be impatience, stressed all the time.

Ethical values & Social concerns:

In recent days, every single person has a smartphone. A person can be educated or non-educated has a smartphone. Students, teachers, service holders all are always busy chatting or scrolling the Facebook home page or seeing other my story. They found happiness more than by this they are passing their spare time; in actual what is happening! Who knows someone is very depressed and unsuccessful in personal or professional life. Also, their envy is grown in themselves which is creating paths towards aggression.

do not think to do reading books or do something effective and productive at that time. 
The teacher is not studying before they go to the class; all teacher is not doing this. Think about students they more than playing games physically what are they doing now. They are playing in various apps. 

These people are being own centric, when they are walking in the road no one is looking their around; they are walking straight. If a people lying on the footpath no one is seeing to that people.

are running for their success. Success is important but leaving values is not the path of success.
In the bus students are busy on the smartphone but who knows what he is doing. Thus, when we are in public place we have to concern what is happening in our surroundings. But, fortunately, leaving the positive sides of technology we take negative sides; we are crossing the roads or standing the footpath put an earphone. 

So, what are we understand? We are welcoming technology in our daily life and developing faster and leaving our existing things. We are taking innovations but forget to innovate and the result is our power of innovation is declining and in the upcoming days we will not found innovator and we cannot see innovative things.

In the time of, running International Education weekend we will keep in our mind that reading books is not passing time; It is the way we will be feeding our mind with reading materials for new possibilities. By this, the next day surely I will be an innovative person.

Rtr. Mahmuda Bhuiyan
President 20-21
RC Rajdhani Dhaka 
RID 3281, Bangladesh    

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  1. Explaining the addiction of innovative gadgets etc and its effect on us. A very crucial discussion put into words beautifully <3

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