Amidst the spread of the recent/current pandemic of the Coronavirus, self-isolation and social distancing is being practiced globally. A human mind is a set of cognitive faculties, absorbing energies from the surroundings in the array of different auras connected through various scenarios and situations, as an external signal. Henceforth, there are probabilities and supported evidences of countless profound effects of self-isolation on the Human mind. Loneliness and solitary confinement entangled in the chains of social distancing can trap a person and give feelings of incarceration, intensifying emotions of bewilderment, anxiety and disconnection to the outside world and igniting the feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Since man is a social creature and isolation is difficult for humans to withstand, it’s important to take care of one’s self during this outbreak not only to maintain physical health but also to cope up with mental states that might become more pronounced during such period of time. The foremost thing we need to do is to think about the present and not let our minds wander to the future. There are some effective remedies, one can adopt to combat with the self-isolation outcomes, effecting mood, feelings and behavior changes.

Reading has a significant number of benefits and is counted as one of the best stress reliever, reducing mind pressures, bringing more inner peace and tranquility and improves focus and concentration. It’s a mind stimulant, which helps to tackle any challenge and strengthens the analytical skills. It is commonlywell said “when you are with a book you’re not not alone!!!

Social media and technology fills a gap bridging the presence of an individual, through virtual socializing and interaction as one would in person, where one is more likely to be heard, shared or connected in a deep way in a kind of a genuine disclosure. This social connection can help ward off the adverse effects of self isolation and social distancing by keeping the connectivity intact. 

Embarking ones creativity skills, may it be Arts and Crafts, challenging from sketching, writing, poetry composition, music, playing instruments gives a n individual a sense of purpose, allows one to enter a happy zone to his world of own creativity through self-expression. It’s a blind game where one does not have to stuck for ideas, creative challenges can trigger enough ideas to involve a person’s mind to draw his mind and heart and giving one opportunity to engage with the world without judging themselves. 

Writing and blogging can make a difference during self isolation. It will keep one occupied and give opportunity to express and share passions. It not only builds up a professional network, but can also be a source of passive income. Writing is always fun and hones the writing skills, making one more organized thinker, with a healthy emotional outlet. I not only exposes us to other perspectives but also is a source of making a difference in other people’s lives. 

Maintaining physical health and engaging in physical activities at home like moderate intensity aerobic exercise and light Yoga helps to reduce stress levels and improves mind healthEven short sessions of light exercises are enough to reap the benefits.

Engr. Shaoor Khan
Director Board of International Relations
RAC Karachi Kehkashan
RID 3271; Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

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