Failure is FERTILIZER ?..

Failure doesn’t mean you’re a LOSER. It actually means you are a WINNER and SUCCESSFUL person in this competitive world.

As you work hard to achieve your goals but lots of hurdles come in your way and when you fall down you feel like a failure. This mindset can demotivate and loose your hope.
But you can’t be a loser until you stop working on your goals.

As you stand up against obstacles and face them more powerfully then you filled yourself with positive vibes and become more powerful than before. And when you face every obstacle then every fall down bring a stronger person inside you.

In the end you’ll become a successful person but it’s not only the success to reach your destiny.
It’s a success to overcome your fears. It’s a success to come out from your comfort zone.

A success of facing storms between your way and most importantly “A SUCCESS OF FINDING YOURSELF”  from failure to successful.

As Autumn is a season of falling leaves but it’s beautiful to start a new journey towards Spring.

Author: Rtr : Sabahat
General Secretary (2019-2020)
RAC Jamshoro
RID 3271
2 thoughts on “Failure is FERTILIZER ?..”
  1. I always emphasize on to get yourself out from the comfort zone to enjoy the success many cant have.
    Worth reading❤

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