The term “Education ” means the acquisition of knowledge within oneself and “Literacy” means the ability to read and write or apprehend. Thus, education and literacy are interlinked with each other. In other words, education is all the raw materials required for a sapling to grow into a full-fledged strong and healthy tree.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

In India Right to education is a fundamental right of every child. Education is the medium through which knowledge of this world is passed on from generations to generations.

 Education is not only limited to the genre of academics. Every creature, thing, phenomena in this beautiful world has some educational element in it to provide us with. Education is about wisdom and knowledge in any sphere that sows seeds of self-empowerment, optimism, skills, awareness, etc.
Without educated and literate humans, we would not have been enjoying the luxuries and privileges of our daily lives that we are accustomed to. As said earlier, education is not only academic, but also moral, spieitual, mental and ethical. 

Obviously a good academics will help you achieve your desired goal and make you a successful human being, but not necessarily a great human being. 
Here comes the importance of moral, spiritual and mental education which helps you assess the do’s and dont’s in your life, upliftment of your mental health, build up your character, defy all adversities in life, attain peace in life through developed thought process and rise like a Phoenix.
Almost 20-25% of the world suffers from mental breakdown, a collapse that leads to depression, suicides, trauma and other impaired mental disorders- all due to the negligence of mental education which is the root of self love. 

Terrorism, conflict, murders, robbery, and all crimes are a result of jealousy, conflict, anger, tension that occurs due to lack of moral education, whereas lack of spiritual education results in indecisiveness, misery, failure, self-destructiojln, coz we fail to make ourselves clairvoyant.
More than 100million population of the world is illiterate due to lack of basic elementary education and that is only the count of the gap created due to academic education. Without educated people, this world can never become a better place. 

Ad a social being, it is our duty to contribute something to the society and leave an example for the future generations because “A man without education is like a building without foundation”
 Author: Rtr. Tiyasa Sasmal
Club- Rotaract club of Barasat Central

  1. "A man without education is like a building without foundation" Thanks for proving this statement right through your words❣️

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