Depression opened a mysterious Door
           In the cool breeze of December evening, Jennifer and Harry were walking slowly. Snow falling was making the moments captivate the beauty,making the nature that mesmerize the souls, cold wind was making their hands freeze and piercing their bodies like the needles, but it seemed both were feelingless of all the chills and emotions. Their flat faces were telling the story of their dried souls. All of a sudden, Jennifer saw in the warm eyes of Harry and said: “So, you want stop me?” Harry laughed at the question and said: “To stop the love means to stop the death and I don’t want to stop the death. Because those who love needs nothing to explain.”

           Jennifer looked at him with the astonished eyes,tried to say something than stopped and ran away. Harry stood there,kept watching his love running of the reality, unable to see the truth hidden behind misunderstandings. It seemed both separated their ways silently. Jennifer when reached home, confined herself in the dark room but didn’t try to see behind the curtains where light was waiting.

           Jennifer remained in the dark for the whole week, sobbing at his love. Many a  times she thought to meet him and beg for his love but then, ego came in front. Ego made her think why me? Harry remained there at the spot where his love tried to fade, kept his eyes watching for the love to see the warmth of his eyes but the cold hands of his love proved the coldness of her heart. It seemed like all his love and warmth has been wasted. All the feelings have gone into nothingness. He remembered all the days spent together, all the memories they made together now victimized by only one a little misunderstanding. “Crazy girl, don’t see the meaning behind the love”

           After one week, he saw her coming out of her hut,dressed beautifully, seemed like a princess walking with a glamour,walking towards the church. Her sad eyes made her surroundings gloomy and she presented the perfect panorama of gloominess. He decided to utter the truth, at once ran to the shop, bought the flowers, took a pen and wrote on that of all his feelings, of all his love. The warmth of his eyes she was unable to see. His hands were shivering but his heart was full of zeal. He wrote in it all his truth, tried to gave his love the beauty of words. Then, put it in the envelope, hold it tightly like it contained his life, his most precious thing and ran behind her with all his energy.

           He saw him going far from him but he ran with all his will. He don’t wanna lose her. He ran and ran, passed all hurdles. He saw nothing but a girl, a gloomy barbie with all her glamour. All of a sudden, a truck from the other side of the road came with full speed. He tried to save himself but all in vain. The truck hit him with all its power and in the couple of moments, there laid the body, without the soul, the heart that was full of love died in seconds. The eyes that were meant to dream, closed suddenly. The body that was to live more years, was there with no soul. People gathered over there, all stood watching the dead body. Some feeling sorry for the poor soul, some being the spectators. Some asking to check his pockets to inform his family, some shrieking to call the police. But no-body put a glance on the envelope in his hand tightly held like the unique thing.

           Jennifer was going back home when she saw the crowd. She felt sorry for the poor soul killed in accident. Then, at once she saw the blood creeping at the road. It made her feel something is attracting her. It seemed like a invisible force was making her come near. She walked towards the crowd against her will, reaching at the spot she caught the colour of the shirt. It seemed familiar to the eyes, the design, the dress, the smell of blood and warmth attraction. She felt scared to see the face, but she had to. When she saw, she shrieked like the Ophelia loosed someone to speak of horrors to her. In the next moment, she was there, holding the body, crying wildly, asking the others to call ambulance. People felt sorry for her.

           Someone hold her from the arms and asked her to go home but she refused. It seemed like she has lost her own soul. Her body was life but her heart was bleeding. Her eyes seemed like the desert where there’s only the scorching heat.  Then, she saw his hand holding something tightly. She opened and saw an envelope. She took it unintentionally and stood up while ambulance came and the dead body was taken. She came back to her hut where darkness filled his surroundings forever. She felt like her soul was taken. She felt pity for herself who was cursed for not having the love. She felt sorry for herself whose love was taken by God and she didn’t get a chance to prove him her love. She remembered all the moments, the laughter, the smiles they spent together. The mesmerizing love they were having and then, it all faded like a flash, seemed nothing just a bubble of water, burst all of a sudden.

        It seemed like her head was full of memories. She tried to run away of all the reality, tried to ignore but it seemed they all came in front of her, inquiring of her love, bouncing in her head was nothing but one.

           In all of the tumult of thoughts, she forgot to see the thing that was having her life. The envelope remained there on the table untouched by the life.
Author: Momina Ahsan
Rotaract Club of Faisalabad
RID # 3272
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  1. It's a love story or a hollywood movie story. I don't know but it is one of the best story embedded in words. Although, it is very sad.

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