Cramming of Syllabus ; A challenge for students
Whenever we talk about the educational reforms we always forget to have some reforms in ourselves first. It is evident that mere time ago people didn’t want to have reforms in education then what happened that we need reforms today? Let me tell you today is the world where nobody is sincere to anyone.  I might be wrong because they even are not sincere to themselves. Back in 2000 education was not tough and children were aware that they could have a secure profession according to their efforts.  Time passed and professions were now lagging far behind the efforts.

Children were becoming curious and curious about their futures. But why this was so? This all was due to our so-called educational policies because of a very marking and orthodox teaching methodology there became a huge mountain of marks and the idea of conceptual studies ended there. Marks were increasing every year and the ideology of cramming was supplanting over concepts day by day. Instead of changing the teaching methodology and to make it fit for current environment teachers and students preferred cramming over concepts. What happened is next in front of you that a student is having 99/100 in a subject which was never ought to be 89/100 maximally unexpectedly it raised too high.

So, this went on and on and students were getting good marks, better marks in another way I should say and that was good too. Then why I am against this? It is so because cramming has made students good to score high but what has happened is that they don’t know the basic concepts of even a minor subject. When you take a random test they will always narrate the exact bookish lines. This thing has put them in danger because when there comes a point to choose their profession every profession demands some of its compulsory requirements and every time the students of cramming group badly fail in their conceptual testing ability. This is so because they didn’t study concepts they studied only bookish words. 

On the other hand, the people with a group of concepts pass with good but not satisfying marks in their respective exams but pass with great marks in conceptual ability. Even this group gets good marks in the test but they also are unsuccessful why? Because the huge mountain of marks in exams always obstruct the conceptual group to move ahead. As a result, both of the groups remain unsuccessful. Exceptions are always there and some of the hardworking and starry students become successful. 

The important thing is that our private educational institutes are making education business with the brazen ploy and without thinking about the consequences that they are playing with the futures. But they are busy in making their standards high and turning this dexterous land into a land of cramming. Nobody will blow their gaff because children of every elite class family are studying in such institutions and are encouraging the concept of cramming. As a result, we are having a big flaw in our education system and except blaming the government we don’t even try to do a little search in ourselves.

But the need of the hour is that we should change our orthodox teaching methodology and we have to recruit the teachers belonging to the conceptual group so that they could try to eradicate the cramming from our society. I consider cramming as a social evil, ill and a curse on our society that is damaging our future day by day. That’s why having so much brilliant and excellent marks scorers we are deprived of NEWTON, EINSTEIN, PLATO, DR ABDUL SALAM and many more others who triumph the grounds of science and technology. 

We badly need to change ourselves first we should stop this evil from the bud before it damages our whole future. And if it is not solved I have a clean doubt that our future will be darker in no time. In the end, instead of demanding reforms from the authorities first change yourself and then look deep in the eyes of your children, you would definitely find reforms.

Author: Rtr Waqar Ahmad
Rotaract Club of Bahauddin Zakaria
University Multan
#RID 3272
6 thoughts on “Cramming of Syllabus ; A challenge for students”
  1. This article shows a mirror to the society. I regret my years that I had spent in 7th and 8th standard. I used to cram the maths problems. I was so much good at it and what happened next? I am a total failure at maths. Parents should focus on learning to learn not learning to earn marks.

  2. Cramming is one of the least effective ways to learn a subject. Research has found that many students cannot recall much information after a cram session.

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