All you want to Know about  COVID-19 | Its History | How we can save us from it.

At April 14,2020,We (Member of Rotaract Club of Lahore) attended a session about COVID-19 whose host was DRRE Usman Chaudary 2020-2021 and guest speaker was DR. Abis Zaman. It was a very informative session about awareness of Corona Virus. Followings are the highlighted points of that session.

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a virus named Corona, introduced to human race for the first time. The first infected person was reported in 2019 that’s why it was named as COVID-19.  It can spread more quickly from person to person. When person speaks, droplets from his mouth spread in the air and infect other persons. It can spread when infected person speak, cough or sneeze. These droplets are too heavy to travel in the air. They only travel approximately one meter and quickly settle on surface. Recent research tells us that it is air born virus.

There is no treatment for this virus and no vaccines to avoid it. Only symptomatic treatment is applied and symptomatic treatment cure symptoms only. Symptoms of this epidemic disease are fever, shortage of breath, pain in neck and nausea. It can fail person’s kidney and damage his lungs badly. It can also affect young community.

We can protect ourselves while maintaining social distance. You should avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth. Contaminated hand can transfer the virus from surface to you. While coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with the bend of your elbow or disposable tissue. If tissue is used, discard it immediately into a closed bin. The most effective way to prevent the spread of corona virus is to clean your hand frequently with alcohol based hand rub or soap or water. This will eliminate virus if it is on your hand.
  Wash your hands properly until 20 seconds and during these 20 seconds tap should be off.   
  •  Use hand sanitizer when there is no water.    
  •  Use surgical mask and glasses when you go outside.
  • Taking bath and change clothes when return to home.     
  •  Stay Home and avoid gathering.

Stay Home and Stay healthy and prevent spread of COVID-19.

Rtr.Farwa Batool
Rotaract Club of Lahore
#RID 3272

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