There is this whole universe that resides within a hospital – a spectrum as wide as the world.
You see the strongest ones on the verge of shattering. Flip the coin and it’s all felicitations as people happily embrace the new beginnings that come with pains. 

Somewhere in between, there is lots of people trying their best to hold onto what little hope they are left with. Struggling to fight deadly diseases, trying to save a losing body part, or simply praying for their loved ones while on the edge of their seats. BREATHE IN.. BREATHE OUT.. A moment can be as crucial as a line between life and death while most of us sip our teas comfily in our homes.The moment you step into this place is the moment you realize how wholesome you are!

As medical students, through the days and nights that we are up and running, the struggle to get something to hold onto in life sometimes sucks the life out of us. In this errand that we call life, sometimes we forget how profoundly safe we are. And that there is totally nothing of substance to worry about. So we end up worrying about things that are not worth it. 

Let’s promise ourselves that when we look into the eyes of the them people and see despair, we will utter gratitude with every breathe. And whenever we feel our bone marrow evaporating, we will always humble ourselves with this thought : that we’re the ones standing on the side of of the bed, not the ones who lie on it.

 Rtr  Wardah Ahmed
 Rotaract Club of Ayub Medical College,Abbottabad
 RID # 3272

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