The Queen of Fruits,The heartiest love Strawberry

Most of us are aware of the queen who wear beautiful, elegant gown with her crown but are you people aware of the Queen of fruits which hold temptations, attraction and eye relaxing glamour. One which is supposed to be the symbol of love. Whose aroma, color, aesthetics, sweet flavor and characteristics are heart-eye soothing and trigger to hunger. Yes I am talking about the miraculous small heart-shaped fruit called strawberry.

Once, this Richeous garden strawberry was supposed to be the fruit of royals only, as it had cultivated only in Rome Christian Era. After the fall of Rome it reached to Europe and then United States but now we can have it in almost every Fourth country of the World like Italy, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc. There are almost 600 varieties of our #Fruity valentine available all around the world. Yes actually our valentine queen is conquering the fruity world In ancient times this fruity valentine wasn’t having her own identification. People on the field used to pluck them up, string it on the grass straw and sold this fruit. 

That’s how she got her name STRAW- BERRY. Straw with a berry… sounds interesting though!  Are not you people thinking why am I talking about Strawberry? It is necessary to explore about the value this miraculous fruit as is so helpful to Queens’s followers and her kingdom. Strawberry holds too much love in it, in the form of mentioned health benefits:

1. Cleans and glows skin 
2. Remove harmful toxins from the blood 
3. Helps to get rid of syphilis 
4. Rich in Nutrition i.e. vitamin C , magnesium, dietary fiber, iodine, folic acid and potassium 
5. Rich in Water content 
6. Remove Homocysteine 
7. Boost Immune system 
8. Helps in weight loss 
9. Helps in Revitalization of skin
10. Lower down heart diseases 
11. Decrease the cancer rate 
12. Helps against Muscular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis.

 Now as we are aware of so much magical values, it is necessary to choose the riches strawberry so select the small heart size, deep red color, glossy bright surface , without green and white hard tips and fresh green leaves.

  Beauty Hacks: 

1: As cleanser: mix strawberry extract with few drop of rose water. Apply it on face, rub for 10 mins, dry, wipeout with cotton and rinse it off by cold water. Be a QUEEN! 

2: As foot scrub: mix 8-9 strawberries with few tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of kosher salt, blend it. Now massage your feet 25 minutes and rise it off with warm water. Dry your feet. 

Doesn’t it sounds interesting that strawberries can be used for beauty hacks too Then why we should we not gain benefits from this queen’s love. Let’s welcome and let her rule in our kingdom. So gift your valentine lady this fruity Valentine queen love and bless her with health and beauty. 

Author: Rtr. Omama Iqbal 
Rotaract Club of Karachi Strivers

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