Reckoning of the Gone

“I know that you have gone to a place from where no-one returns,where man meets his creator.I know that this is the fate of every living being,I know that we as humans have to deal with the loss of our beloved,I know this happens with everyone and is my destination too.

Yet,What I have are mere memories of you to cherish,smile of you to remember,the way you used to call me echoes in my ears,the last time you saw me in your conscious state and held my hand tight,the way I let you go into earth for you to begin your next journey.

I remember all of it.Will continue to do so.

For I am just a mere petty human who can cry and let my tears soak my eyes and my lap.”

A letter from a grandson to his late grandfather.

Umar Ghauri
Rotaract Club of Ayub Medical College,Abbottabad

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