Gosha-e-Ilm: Empowering Educationally Deprived Souls

I am writing this blog on the successful completion of 6 months of title project of Rotaract Club of Faisalabad, RI District 3272, Gosha-e-Ilm. Gosha-e-Ilm was initiated on July 2019. Gosha-e-Ilm is an Urdu word which means “Corner of Knowledge”. The primary aim of this project is to Eradicate Illiteracy. In Gosha-e-Ilm, we are providing evening classes. The students can earn their wages during the day and study in the evening.

With being the Founder/Chair Person of this project, I understand the mountain of responsibilities that come with this project. Most people go around, see a needy person, help them with some money or accessories and think that they are done. That is not the case; the biggest contribution is ‘Time’. Sit with them, work with them and listen to them. Understand what they want to say or do and carve their minds into something so beautiful that they wouldn’t need anybody’s help ever!

If you give them money, that is handing them crutches but if you give them knowledge (Ilm), that is blessing them with Allah’s Noor (Light); that brightens up their minds and souls. This initiative was taken for the education of children in slum areas. When I initiated this project, I wasn’t of the view that it would create such an impact. I went there without knowing where ‘There’ was; no place, no goodies, nothing but the mindset of strengthening even one soul. Then I took this forward. 

My team supported me and with our hard work & devotion, the energy and positivity, we made this possible. With the core and glittery aim of planting hope, so that beautiful buds of creativity and radiance would bloom for those children. Apart from making them aware of their moral values, we poured in them the knowledge that would flicker with every moment of their lives, making them shine more.

Anyone can send a message on social media or post a picture saying that we are making ‘The Wealthy Society’ aware of the people that need their help, literally anyone! But those are the real sparkling soldiers that actually toil with the beautiful mud. So hats off to all my team members and supporters, who came together for this project with so much to give.
With the regular studies, we involved children in different personality building and interactive activities. 

We also did some side projects in Gosha-e-Ilm like Project Sparkle; in which we created solar lamps using plastic waste bottles and distributed them among the students of Gosha-e-Ilm. We provided them a renewable source, which they now use for doing homework at night and also use these lamps for domestic purposes.

Alert! We Have Aid; in which we distributed first aid kits among the families of Gosha-e-Ilm. We also gave a session on the awareness and importance of first aid.

Elevate Literacy; in which we conducted different extracurricular sports activities with the students.
Evoke Freedom; in which we distributed educational kits (stationery, bags, books, etc.) among the children of Gosha-e-Ilm. In this project, we celebrated Independence Day with children of Gosha-e-Ilm. As most of these children are victims of child labor and the main focus of Gosha-e-Ilm is to free these children from their lifetime slavery and it is only possible through education. Education is a fundamental human right. It also promotes individual freedom and empowerment. It was a struggle to evoke the sense of freedom among these child laborers.

What we work for are the smiles on those little faces, with muddy clothing and disheveled hair, which represent the pure & innocent little gleams of Yang on Earth. We carried this project and ensured quality education for them. I hope this project would last and grow more.

In the coming months, we’ll be working to spread this vision and we will open branches of Gosha-e-Ilm in different cities of Punjab & Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan. Together we will make this project sustainable and impactful, In shaa Allah.

Rtr. Ebadat-ur-Rehman Babar(President)
Rotaract Club of Faisalabad
RID #3272

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  1. A well deserving Project.It should be done at government level and these poor children should be provided free and effective education.

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