Carnivores & Water Conservation

We all know that carnivore species are more likely to be threatened than any other species. Because they have less population density and also perceived as a threat to humans. Their population is declining day by day due to hunting and poaching activities.

Today, I am going to share a fact about carnivorous animals that how they play an important role in preserving clean water for us. Strange, isn’t it?
Let me explain this fact.

We know that herbivores are the animals that eat plant/plant material and carnivores eat the herbivores and omnivores to control the population of these animals. If carnivores don’t eat them then herbivores’ population will increase rapidly. As a result, they will start consuming plants more which eventually leads to lesser plantation and forests. A time will come when forests will become dry and barren.

As trees hold the soil in place and protect soil from impacts of rain. So, due to the activity of herbivores, there will be less plantation and more soil erosion. When it will rain in these fewer/no plantation areas, the rainwater will take the soil and silt particles with it in our water reservoirs and river. These particles will deposit in our reservoirs and reduce their water storage capacity. There will be more soil sediment and less water in them.

 So, ultimately this will result in clean water scarcity.
So it is concluded that if we keep on hunting the carnivores then a time will come when we’ll run out of clean and drinking water.

Ebadat-ur-Rehman Babar
Rotaract Club of Faisalabad
RI District 3272
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