Patriotism; Love of nation

What is Nation ?

The word Nation refers to a large number of people living in a particular territory who share the same culture, history and ideology.All the people of nation have a strong sense of unity and common consciousness.Love of Nation most commonly called as patriotism.

 What  is patriotism?

Patriotism is the feeling of attachment and commitment to a country, nation, or political community.Patriotism refers not to a political virtue but to a spiritual attachment to the nation. 

Patriotism is associated with the attachment to one’s own culture and thus stands in opposition to cosmopolitanism.

Importance of Patriotism for a nation:

A country can’t succeed without the patriotism in its citizens.It is obligatory for every citizen to be patriot toward his country.If soldiers become selfless and don’t love their nation,it would be very difficult for a country to win against enemy.The freedom that every citizen enjoy in his country is due to patriotic soldiers.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.        – Thomas Jefferson

For citizens who find being patriotic as an obligation, fulfilling this obligation is highly important as it gives them a sense of inner confidence.Being patriotic,one should actively contribute towards the social-economic development of the society both at the local as well as at the national level.

Role of media in building patriotic nation:

The role of media is very important in building patriotism in citizens.But, unfortunately media is not working sincerely in this critical matter.

For better rating and attention of viewers,media only highlights the negative aspects and incidents of a state while neglecting the positive aspects and achievements.

How can a youth develop love for his nation in this negativity that is spread everywhere by media.Therefore,media should play their role by promoting positive achievements of the country.

Patriotism and Youth:

Patriotism is very important especially for youth so they act as responsible citizens. Youth is the future of the nation and for the bright future of the country it is important for them to protect and work in its best interest to make it prosperous.

Youth is the future of the nation and for the bright future of the country it is important for them to protect and preserve the nation and act in its best interest to make it outshine.

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