Corruption means dishonest and  illegal behaviour especially by people in position of authority or inducement to wrong by unlawful means.Basically, Corruption is the misuse of the authority and power for personal gains.

Corruption is a act that is done with intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty.Corruption is commonly understood as  the exploitation of a position of trust, typically in the public sector, in order to receive a personal  gains, which may or may not be financial.

Corruption is not a simple term.It has many forms and types.Corruption can occur at any scale by any people in any institution.Corruption remains a key obstacle to development and overcoming poverty in the vast majority of nations worldwide. As it is said;

Power doesn’t corrupt people.People corrupt power.

Types of Corruption on the basis of scales:

       1-Petty Corruption:

This type of corruption occur at much smaller level among the people of society.Petty corruption has affected the overall business performance and thus the whole corporate world is getting affected because of it. The petty corruption contains inside the use of Grease money,the money which is paid to the police or any other person to avoid the penalties and fines.This type of corruption has affected poor the most.

          2-Grand Corruption:

Grand corruption  occur at the highest levels of government  that has its effects on the political, legal and economic systems.To avoid this,most of the countries have government system that is divided into legislative,executive and judicial branches. Grand corruption is a crime of human rights and this deserves punishment accordingly.

           3-Endemic Corruption:

This type of corruption is also called as systemic corruption.Basically, endemic corruption is due to weaknesses of an organization or a system.Most of the  countries are afflicted with systemic corruption, where abuse of power, authority and of the public trust cuts across virtually all sectors.Systemic corruption is characterised by both the magnitude of corrupt activities and by rules that facilitate these activities.


The Government and private organizations should take measures to eradicate corruption from the society.Because,corruption reduces the economy of a country and affects all the citizens especially poors.People should be aware of the consequences of corruption and try to avoid this.

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